“The Plasmapp mission is to bring innovative and cost effective plasma-technologies to underserved medical and industrial markets”

Youbong Lim, Founder & CEO

Our origins

In 2014, Plasmapp developed a unique Linear Jet Plasma Source (LJPS®) and patented vaporizer technology for sterilization in an atmospheric vacuum. Developed in partnership with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST), our plasma-tech was initially applied in the secondary battery markets for LG and Samsung. 

We combined this technology with existing medical gas plasma sterilization to benefit underserved clinics and small hospitals – the origin of the STERLINK® suite.


Plasmapp also developed the world’s first direct injection sterilization pouch technology to reduce cycle times by up to 10x when compared to standard alternatives.

As a young company we highly value innovation, diligence, creativeness and technical expertise to achieve our goal of tackling every need of the global plasma-tech industry.

Plasmapp sterilizers are rapidly gaining market attention with models sold in over 40 countries.


On-Demand Sterilization

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