On-Demand Gas Plasma Sterilization

The low-temperature alternative to Ethylene Oxide for clinics and small hospitals

Fast and flexible to improve infection control
Extends instrument life
Non-toxic and eco-friendly

Gas Plasma for
Sensitive Instruments

Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma is the preferred low-temperature alternative to ethylene oxide in large hospitals with autoclave sensitive instruments. However, costs and spatial limitations has forced smaller practices to rely on hand sterilization or the toxic and inefficient ethylene oxide of old.

First marketed in 1993, gas plasma has proven to be safe, fast, effective, and environmentally-friendly. Plasmapp optimized the technology for clinics and smaller surgical theaters because of the fact that this market has been underserved for so long – putting unnecessary strain on small practices in terms of scheduling, mobility, infection control, and profitability.

Flexible Usage Modes

36 or 18 - Minute Chamber Mode

Single use sterilant cartridges power the STERLINK® chamber cycles of both the 14-Liter (36-minute cycle) and 7-Liter MINI (18-minute cycle)

14 - Minute Pouch Mode

Plasmapp developed the first direct injection + vacuum sealing process to optimize sterilization efficacy and reduce cycle times for on-demand requirements

7 - Minute Pouch Mode

The direct injection + vacuum sealing process further reduces cycle times in the small STERPACK®. This 7-minute option provides even more workflow flexibility

“My practice is using the STERLINK suite for both of our local and mobile clinics. Gas plasma will improve infection control practices while also reducing costs through increased usage of expensive devices”

Dr. Jeff Mayo
Veterinarian & Practice Owner, Mayo Veterinary Services (Washington)

"The fast cycle times are amazing!"

Dr. Gaurav Luthra

“My instruments are now safer and we no longer have to worry about using ETo Gas”

Dr. Kapil Vohra

"The STERLINK Suite has changed the way we manage sterilization in our clinic"

Dr. Noshir M Shroff
Ophthalmologist & Practice Owner, Shroff Eye Center (India)

“I can instill confidence in patients with high level sterilization, while also extending the life of our expensive hand pieces”

Dr. Sabrina Borel
Dentist & Practice Owner, St Nicolas Dental Clinic (France)

"We were the first US customer for Plasmapp so we didn't know what to expect. The flexibility alone makes the investment worth it. We've been much more efficient due to the fast cycle times."

Betsy Fryan


The STERLINK® gas plasma suite is designed to maximize infection control options while improving operational efficiency. STERLINK® is cloud-monitored for cycle tracking, efficacy, issues, and maintenance


The latest STERLINK® (model FPS-15sP) is a 14-liter low temperature powerhouse. At only 17.5″ (W) x 24.5″ (D) x 17.5″ (H), and off gassing clean oxygen post cycle, the Sterlink can be placed nearly anywhere in the practice


The 7-liter STERLINK® MINI (initial offering in US – June 2019) is a gorgeous addition to specialty, ophthalmology and dental practices

Custom Sealer

VH2O2 safe Tyvek pouches and Plasmapp’s patented STERPACKs® require sealing prior to processing. Plasmapp partnered with Hawo to provide a custom rotary sealer that prepares packaging in seconds


Plasmapp accessories round out the STERLINK® platform (i.e. movable cart, laser label printer and custom cassettes for vacuum sealed STERPACK®). Single use recyclable consumables may be purchased as needed

On-Demand Sterilization

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On-Demand Sterilization

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